Stone Exteriors in Weldon Iowa Why Heritage Stone?

Our specially crafted stone veneer comes in sizes, shapes and textures that capture, in remarkable detail, the look, feel, luxury and durability of natural stone. That’s because it’s made from ingredients derived from natural stone: a unique blend of Portland cement, iron oxide color pigments and lightweight aggregate. The result is a product that is virtually half the thickness and weight of natural stone—and much easier to install.

Heritage Stone Features:

• Modulus of Rupture: 434 PSI 

• Compression Strength: 4561 PSI 

• Absorption: 11.7% 

• Durability: 30 cycles of free-thaw testing, no visual damage or weight loss detected from the samples. 

• Fire Rating: Stone veneer has zero flame spread: zero fuel contributed and will not develop smoke. 

• Installed Weight: 9 – 10 lbs. per sq. ft. 

• Color Retention: only permanent iron oxides are used. No detectable color change can be observed even after years of weathering. 

• Backed by a 50-year limited warranty. 

Heritage Stone will replace defective products brought to our attention prior to product installation. Once the veneer is placed on a wall or other surface, this constitutes acceptance of the product.

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Stone Exteriors in Weldon Iowa


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